April 23, 2006

Company Background

Texas Environmental Energy Group is an independent Texas oil & gas company that acquires land, minerals, production and oil & gas leases.  The main company objective is to create sustainable energy through wind, solar, natural gas and petroleum resources.  An ancillary objective is to develop sustainable alternative wind energy farms through existing and future land acquisition. 

We also represent hundreds of mineral estates and older operators seeking new operators to execute deeper leases in areas held by production. We also handle private placement investments for individuals experienced in the oil and gas market and perhaps looking for tax benefits with investigated oil & gas projects.  


Although, historically the oil & gas industry is known for its risky natured business and all oil and gas investments are considered high risk, Texas Environmental Energy Group only works in developed oil & gas fields that have been proven and are actively producing. Through diligent work and consulting with credible expert Geologists, Lawyers, Landmen, and Operators we achieve the lowest amount of risk for our clients and for the company.  


In addition to the oil & gas investment opportunities with existing wells that are currently part of the company portfolio, we are well positioned to acquire land with mineral rights and drill new wells or redevelop old wells. Using our proven technique for well drilling operations and our knowledge of the target areas we have had 100% success.  

Our costs are significantly less than that of other producers in the area because of current tangible asset holdings and because of our existing relationships with established oil field service companies, some as long as 30 years.  

F.M. Wigington of Doc's Tank Trucks in Jacksboro Texas

Right now we are primarily working in the North Texas gas field known as the Barnett Shale. We represent local farmers and mineral estate owners that wish to offer oil and gas lease opportunities to established oil and gas operators. We operate independently as well as with several other key major players in the Barnett Shale. If we are not interested in a particular area, we can refer that acreage to a company that is possibly ready to drill the area.

We are able to investigate minerals and production in every area of Texas and contiguous states.  Land owners contact us to find out the reserve potential of what they own.

Our considerable experience in this industry has resulted in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to clear up any title issues and resolve outstanding violations that may reside with an existing lease.

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