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Mineral & Land Acquisitions  After we acquire the land Texas Environmental Energy Group is put into the position of Grantor and Lessor on all contracts regarding the properties acquired.  The minerals will be managed for the company’s maximum benefit for Oil and Gas production possibilities whereas the possible return on investment can be directly established by surrounding production reports from official offices from the rail road commission of Texas . The Land can be used for farming (including CRP) grazing and hunting rights. The Surface can host massive acreage sites primed for electric companies to take advantage of the wind potential Texas can provide.  With the amount of raw land and space we are put into the position of producing Americas second most “Wind Production” potential. Our goal here is to bring established California electric providers an opportunity to erect and produce electricity for a mutual benefit.  

Our web sites have generated thousand of inquiries and relationships with land owners who are ready for oil & gas, and wind energy related lease opportunities.  We have collected 400,000+ acres in the company database that are ready for oil & gas production, wind energy and/or mineral rights acquisition.

Mineral and Land acquisitions will put us in a position to supply an area where wind generator farms can be developed to supply electric power for a stronger cleaner and more sustainable future while preserving the ability to also drill on our own land or execute new oil and gas leases with other companies, lease out the grazing rights, the hunting rights or the water rights.  All in effort to generate revenue from the land resources.

Company Acquisitions  We have direct relationships with several top producing operators that are ready for acquisition.  As such, we are currently in a position to acquire the third largest operator in the Barnett Shale. Typical pay-out is 18-42 months.

Oil & Gas Leases  Texas Environmental Energy Group properly funded, is positioned to acquire leases at favorable prices.  Post acquisition, we have the knowledge, assets and the management team to fully develop the lease. We always fully investigate and analyze the lease and its potential based on surrounding production, by examining Railroad Commission production reports, before we have interest.

These are the fields that we have operated in for the last thirty years…Abo Field, Fort Worth Basin (the Barnett Shale), Permian Basin , and Delaware Basin .

The Barnett Shale is a source bed rock for natural gas. The "primary zone" exists in areas between Denton , Decatur , and Fort Worth , Texas . These areas in Texas were under the ocean at three different times, spread out over 100 million years, each time creating a coral reef bed which is now called the “Barnett Shale”. Bacteria are known to live in this shale eating away the organic composition left by the coral reef beds. During the consumption process the bacteria excrete and produce natural gas.

The Barnett Shale is among the top gas fields onshore in the United States . There are major gas companies like Carrizo, Devon Energy, Dedica, Dvorin, Lonestar Natural Gas, EOG, and Star of Texas, TEMA, TRINITY, and Sanco along with small and medium independents that are developing this unique gas field. Our goal is not only to execute and fund the lease, but to have it drilled on as soon as possible. The Barnett Shale is among the most active gas fields in the U.S. at this time.  


The Texas Railroad Commission averages 100+ permits to oil & gas companies drilling in the Barnett Shale every month. Ninety seven percent (97%) of these wells are completed successfully and go on to production.  Our team’s personal success has been one hundred percent (100%) in the Barnett Shale.

Through Texas Environmental Energy Group, we bring accredited investors and institutional investors together with creditable warranty deed holders so that production can begin as soon as possible. We also work out all of the location and environmental concerns that landowners may have. Our goal is to produce… not sit on land. We prove this by short term leases and funded contracts that demand production from our operators. We also have the ability to get rigs for operators in need of one rig or multiple rigs.

The Barnett Shale is a 4,200 square mile region covering over eight (8) counties. In the Barnett there are approximately 1,900 to 2,200 successful wells either producing or waiting on pipelines. None of our sites or wells are waiting to market gas because of our experience.

We have our own pipelines and gathering systems and all of our locations have the ability to market our own gas.

The reason for the tremendous success in the Barnett Shale is due to seismic profiling technology and the shale being a blanket reservoir.  The company holds / manages large areas Held By Production (HBP) over the "primary zone" of the Barnett shale.

Profit Distribution and Projected Investor Return on Investment:
10-million dollars per county Investment in Texas

$10 million provides the ability to produce an entire county which averages 1 million acres with a guarantee of 20 producing wells.

Investor funds 125% of actual lease costs.  25% to www.thebarnettshale.com

·        Land Owner & O&G Leases    12.5% O&G Lease   5.5 ORRI =  82%NRI  
                                                 15.0% O&G Lease 
5% ORRI =  80% NRI
                                                  20% O&G Lease
   3% ORRI =  77% NRI

·        50% / 50% Investor  & TEEG SPLIT  82% - 77% / 2  =   41% - 38.5% Net Revenue Interest

·        TEEG Company Over Rides…              3%, 5%, & 5.5%

Tax Advantages: Workovers offer a 80 - 90% intangible investment opportunity.

In addition to investor Return on Investment (ROI), there are significant tax advantages for investors who select to participate in old well redevelopment / workovers. The associated costs to redevelop an old well and stimulate the well to production are deemed as intangible costs by the IRS.  Investors, with guidance from their tax professional, have enjoyed tax write-offs of up to 90% for these intangible costs.

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